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Welcome to hood crest distillers

Hood Crest is a family-owned and operated distillery and winery in the Columbia Gorge, located in the picturesque Hood River Valley of Oregon at the foot of the spectacular Mt. Hood.


Our Müller 40 gallon small batch copper pot still is particularly suitable for the production of whole-fruit brandies and vodka made from fruits and berries, as well as grapes, pomace, flower and herb substances. The quality of the brandy depends primarily on how the various ingredients of the mash and their different boiling points are separated in a vaporous state.


Hood Crest Distillers sources local fruit from the Hood River Valley – Our spirits have a lush body in a still pure, true heart of fruit expression. Our fruit spirits are made by distilling the wine or fermented mash of any fruit. They differ from fruit-flavored spirits because they are actually distilled from the fruit of choice, instead of simply having the fruit flavor added to the spirits. 

We are open for Spirits Tasting, Bottle Sales, Foodservice, Outdoor, and Covered Patio Seating. Curbside Pickup/Takeout and delivery options are available too. Open Thursday thru Monday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. 


In mid-December, Oregon Lawmakers passed a bill that temporarily legalizes takeout cocktails. The bill has been signed into law, and some establishments have already started selling mixed drinks. Coming soon you will be able to order cocktails and bottles of  Hood Crest Distillers Spirits. Our website will continuously be updated with the latest in Hood Crest Distillers - Hand Crafted Spirits. Check back here for updates or subscribe below to stay up to date.